Top 5 Most Generous Bonus Rounds in Online Slots

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Online Slots – Bonus Rounds Reviewed

These days, online slots is ALL about the feature round. As we spin we’re saying the same thing to ourselves. ‘HIT, HIT, HIT’, and we’re not talking about that jackpot line like in days gone past. Instead, we want those scatters to grace the reels so that we have a shot at the big time on the bonus feature. The most exciting bonus rounds are why we play slots!

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Now there are great slots for this and terrible slots for this. It’s really important to know which slots are packing a feature that can PAY. Unfortunately it’s a swings and roundabouts situation because it tends to be the case that the slots with the highest volatility are the slots that can pay well on the slots bonus feature. So if you’re looking to find out where you’ve got a chance of hitting that elusive 1000x then you’re likely going to need deep pockets and a willingness to watch 100s of dead spins unless you get incredibly lucky. Check out below our top 5 slots with the highest paying bonus rounds.

Number 5

Bonanza – Big Time Gaming

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Bonanza is one of those slots that can frustrate you for hours and hours of play time only to reward you on that very last spin. It’s the type of game that you love to hate. We’ve had so many sessions on Bonanza in which it took our balance away swiftly and normally, that’s a reason to stop playing the slots. But then, we’ve had a couple of 1000x hits on it so it’s fair to say that the potential on this slots bonus is gigantic.

Number 4

Who Wants to be a Millionaire – Big Time Gaming

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Another title from the Big Time Gaming provider. And oh boy is this a thrilling slot! This is probably my personal favourite. Mostly because the very first time I played it, I hit it at £10 stake and triggered a slots bonus that payed me 500x. But don’t let that be a marker on choosing to play it because I’ll be the first to tell you that hitting a good bonus on this thing is NOT easy. When it does land though, there’s bags of potential due to the exceptional unlimited multiplier.

Number 3

The Invisible Man – Net Entertainment

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We think that this is one of Netent’s finest achievements. The often overlooked ‘The Invisible Man’. The feature is unlocked when the walking wilds from each side collide. Then inside the slots bonus game with 10 you need to get walking wilds to fill up the meters on each side of the screen. If you do, the bonus feature is extended and you can be sure you’re on to a winner. Our biggest hit on this slot is 565x but the real reason we love it is simply because it is so damn thrilling.

Number 2

Game of Thrones – Microgaming

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I don’t know about you, but we are massive fans of Game of Thrones, it’s such an epic show. But don’t be fooled, it’s not our bias that’s landed this slot in the number 2 spot. It’s the insane potential that this game can unleash that’s got it there. It’s all about the scatter. If you land two scatters then you will receive a random cash prize up to 1200x (yes it does land sometimes). If you land three scatters then you trigger the free spins and get to decide your destiny by choosing on of the four house symbols. This is one of those slots bonuses that can just go absolutely mental when it wants to. Certainly one to check out if you don’t know it.

Number 1

300 Shields – NextGen Gaming

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If you don’t already know, 300 Shields by NextGen gaming is an absolute BEAST of a slot. It seems all quite uneventful and boring in the base game, sure. But that slots bonus feature can be epic to the point where its just silly. Our biggest hit here is 4367x which is madness. Basically it’s all about collecting enough shields in the feature spins to get to the next level. If you level it up all the way to the 300x level then essentially any hit with a wild is going to pay out big time. It’s a slot that’s really boring in the base but suddenly gets the adrenaline pumping when the feature hits. Mostly because even at minimum stake, this bad boy can pay. It couldn’t possibly be anywhere other than number 1!

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