Online Casino Slots

The great thing about quality casino sites is they are usually packed full of online slot games to play. The one online sites have in terms of an advantage over the land-based casinos is the space to host just about as many slot machines as you could imagine. Taking up only virtual space, some online casino sites have nearly 1000 different slots of various types with crazy features and some huge progressive jackpots.

Staking can be anything between 10p and some ridiculously high spin values. There will be more than enough choice and sufficient staking variation to suit just about any slot player on the planet. Add to that, everything is settled instantly, and deposits and withdrawals can be made on the spot, and slot game playing at a casino site is a vast new world.

Select a slot with a good RTP. below is a guide the percentage and advice on how often to play them

Slot Game RTP’s Levels

  • 97%+    Most Often
  • 95-97%    Less Often
  • 93-95%    Rarely
  • Under 93%    Try to Avoid

The slots are the big earner for the casino sites, so expect them to be very much promoted. Some sites will offer weekly slot tournaments and other free spin loyalty programs and other promotions. This is to keep you playing as regular as they can. Not all slop promotions are as good as others, so ensure you understand precisely the terms and conditions before being convinced to play a slot you might not otherwise have chosen. Free spins promotions can offer a chance to play a new slot for the first time risk-free and get a feel, but otherwise, try to stick to the slots that you know first and foremost and use the bonuses to try a new one. New slots are released every week and are very numerous. This is to ensure players do not become bored or tired with the current selection, so expect to find a ‘new’ section on the menu and fresh slots to be promoted with ads around the home pages.

All that said, slot fans will love online casino sites, for the range, features, reel types, bonuses and free spin features that can be found.

Where to play casinos online?

Where to play casino online can be taken in two ways, meaning either

Physically where to play, or Virtually, where to play, such as what site?

To address the first point, with mobile technology and many casino apps being built specifically for mobile use these days, you can play physically just about anywhere you want to on your mobile device so long as you have a good internet connection or 4G signal

As to where in terms of which casino to play at, the choice can be mind-boggling. Thankfully, all of the recommended casinos at the top of this page are fully vetted and safe to play at. There are also real user reviews, too, so you can see what the user experience is like, what games are available, and how easy it is to use the casino site. Feel free to scroll back up and check out some reviews and the bonuses on offer for opening a new account.

Why online casinos are better?

  • Convenience
  • Play Anywhere
  • Play Anytime
  • Online promotions and benefits

A question often asked is whether online casinos are better to play than land-based venues. Well, while registration rules are pretty much the same, playing online has far easier access, in terms of not having to travel to a place to play. Mobile technology allows us to play online casino sites wherever we want. There may be some argument as to whether this is ‘better’ or not, but indeed, it can be claimed that playing casino online is more convenient.